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Recognition Awards

Awards Announcement!

Ceridwen Fraser – 2019 MacArthur & Wilson Award winner

Rosemary Gillespie – 2019 Alfred Russel Wallace Award winner

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The International Biogeography Society recognizes a variety of outstanding contributions to the field of biogeography in the form of awards to individuals.  Two main awards are given at the biennial international conferences:

The Alfred Russel Wallace Award was established by the International Biogeography Society (IBS) in 2004 to recognize a lifetime of outstanding contributions by an eminent scholar in any subdiscipline of biogeography.

Nominations consist of a supporting cover letter of no more than 800 words, co-signed by two members of the IBS, plus an abbreviated CV of the nominee. The selected recipient will be invited to address the society at its next biennial meeting.

Nominations should be submitted to, c/o the Chair of the Awards Committee in response to a call released approximate one year in advance of the next biennial conference (convened in January of odd-numbered years). Current members of the IBS Board are not eligible for nomination.

Previous Awardees:

Margaret Davis (2017) – read the announcement
Daniel Simberloff (2015) – read the announcement
James H. Brown (2013) – read the announcement
Robert E. Ricklefs (2011) – interview
John C. Avise (2009) – interview
Jared M. Diamond (2007)
John C. Briggs (2005) – interview

Named after R. H. MacArthur and E. O. Wilson, this award honors their seminal contributions to biogeography. The award recognizes an individual for a notable, innovative contribution to biogeography.  It is targeted at comparatively early career investigators and has a guideline that recipients should have completed their PhD no more than 12 years before the deadline for nominations. The committee has some flexibility in regard to this criterion, to take account of differing life and career paths. A pair of collaborators might be considered providing both are eligible by this criterion.

The recipient should be prepared to offer a paper at the biennial meeting of the IBS and will be invited to publish a short article on their work in Frontiers of Biogeography. In return, their attendance at the meeting will be underwritten by the IBS.

Nominations consist of a supporting cover letter of no more than 800 words, co-signed by two members of the IBS, plus a short cv of the nominee, plus pdfs of four key papers published by the nominee, at least two of which should have been published within the last three years. Current members of the IBS Board are not eligible for nomination.

Nominations should be sent to, c/o Wilson Award SubCommittee (pdf’s are preferred) in response to a call released approximately one year in advance of the next biennial conference (convened in January of odd-numbered years). An individual can be nominated for a single paper or a ‘group of papers’ and it is anticipated that such a corpus of work will involve – in the spirit of MacArthur & Wilson’s famous monograph – scholarly collaborations with other co-workers.

Previous Awardees:

Jessica Blois (2017) – read the announcement
Daniel L. Rabosky (2015) – read the announcement
Miguel B. Araújo (2013) – read the announcement

The IBS makes two other periodic awards – one for best doctoral dissertation, as judged from thesis abstracts submitted to Frontiers of Biogeography, and the other to mark a special occasion by awarding a Lifetime Honorary Membership.

Since 2013, The International Biogeography Society has periodically given this award to recognize and publicize outstanding doctoral work in the field of biogeography. It is targeted at early career biogeographers (up to 2 years after graduation from a PhD program).

Nomination consists of submitting to the society a synopsis of your dissertation/thesis to Frontiers of Biogeography (FoB).  All eligible submissions will be peer-reviewed by the IBS-Early Career committee and established biogeographers especially invited by this committee. The recipient of the Award may be invited to give a talk at the IBS Biennial meeting and will be presented with a certificate and the award. Travel to the biennial conference will be subsidized by the IBS.

All submitted dissertations for the time period will be considered, but an additional call released approximately 12 months in advance of the next biennial conference will be made.

Previous Awardees

Carsten Meyer (2017)
Matthew Iacchei (2013) – read the award publication

The Society shall occasionally take the opportunity of a particular anniversary or event to award Lifetime Honorary Membership for especially notable contributions to biogeography.

Nominations will be considered twice per year by the IBS Awards Committee and confirmed with the recipient prior to announcement.  Nominations may be submitted at any time to the President at least 6 months preceding a relevant anniversary or event and should consist of (1) a complete CV and (2) a biography of the nominee written in the style of a “Profiles – biography” article suitable for publication in Frontiers of Biogeography. We encourage simultaneous submission of the nomination package to the IBS and the biography to Frontiers of Biogeography. Awards are expected to be made rarely, but all biographies will be considered for publication in Frontiers of Biogeography coinciding with the anniversary or event.

James H. Brown (2013) – read the announcement
Edward O. Wilson (2007) – read the announcement

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