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Biogeography is a dynamic and burgeoning field that seeks to understand the role of historical factors in shaping biodiversity and to develop predictive capacities for gauging how biodiversity will respond to our rapidly changing world...

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Workshops – IBS Malaga 2019

Workshops for IBS Malága 2019 have been selected and are online!

2019 IBS Doctoral Dissertation award call

The call for the 2019 IBS Doctoral Dissertation award is now out! Check out submission details.

Post-doc – ecology / evolutionary biology – Utah State University

Post-doc position available analysing the co-occurrences and associations of many taxonomic groups using NEON data.

Member Spotlight

Marten Winter is the Scientific Coordinator of iDiv’s Synthesis Centre in Germany and has been a member of the International Biogeography Society since 2009.

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Jul 25

Registration Opens - IBS Malaga 2019

Aug 01

Submission Deadline - 2019 IBS Doctoral Dissertation Award

Sep 26

Abstract submission deadline - IBS Malaga 2019

Jan 08

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