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Current IBS Board Members

The following officers have been elected to serve the International Biogeography Society from January 2019 through January 2021:

Kathy Willis
Kathy WillisPresident
Felisa Smith
Felisa SmithPresident Elect
Dov Sax
Dov SaxPast President
Miguel Matias
Miguel MatiasSecretary
George Stevens
George StevensTreasurer
David Nogues-BravoVP of Development & Awards
Crystal McMichael
Crystal McMichaelVP of Conferences
Sandra Nogué
Sandra NoguéVP of Public Affairs and Communications
Uma Ramakrishnan
Uma RamakrishnanDirector at Large
Kostas Triantis
Kostas TriantisDirector at Large
Julia Heinen
Julia HeinenStudent at Large
Jonathan DaviesUpcoming Biennial Meeting Host (ex-officio)