The IBS is seeking proposals from potential local groups interested in hosting one of the two upcoming conferences:

1)  10th International Conference of the International Biogeography Society

The biennial meeting is the main event for the society and should be held within the second week of January 2021.  A key consideration will be that the meeting be accessible to the majority of International Biogeography Society members who are located in Europe and the Americas.  The meeting has typically alternated across the Atlantic: USA (2003 & 2005), Spain (2007), Mexico (2009), Greece (2011), USA (2013), Germany (2015), USA (2017), and Malaga, Spain (upcoming 2019).  We are open to the possibility of exploring parts of the world where the society has not yet held a major meeting.  Meeting attendance is anticipated to be 500-800 people.  Minimum requirements of the venue are:

  • One auditorium with a capacity of 600-800 people to hold plenaries,
  • Four or five smaller rooms with a capacity of 100-150 people for sessions,
  • One large room (or two adjacent rooms) suitable for displaying about 350 posters, with catering capacity, and
  • Two- or three smaller meeting rooms (small storage facility, editorial/board meetings).

2)  A special meeting held on the “off-year” between biennial meetings

This meeting may occur between October 2019 and July 2020 . The aim of this meeting is to provide either one or more of the following:

  • Growth of the society into geographic and/or disciplinary areas that are currently under-represented in the society
  • Provide opportunities for early career biogeographers.
  • Target specific topics of possible interest or debate in Biogeography.

Proposals for either biennial and special “off-year” meetings should be submitted by potential hosts who are interested in chairing the local organizing committee for any of these meetings. The duties of the local hosts often involve conducting contract negotiations with the venue and the hotel(s), handling local logistics, such as field trip organization, production of the abstract book, and involvement with financial matters.  The IBS has strong experience in providing support to meetings and their hosts, including useful documentation regarding how to plan and structure an IBS meeting, and direct support during the organization process and meeting.  Please note that we welcome dialogue with potentially interested parties prior to submitting a proposal.

Please use the following format:

Hosting committee (names and affiliations):

Venue location (university, hotel, or a mix of both):

Proposed dates (particularly for special meetings as the Biennial Conference takes place in the second week of January in 2021):

Transportation information (to city, airport to venue; type of transportation available, distance to venue and estimated costs):

Airfares examples, from: Frankfurt, London, New York/Newark, Sao Paulo, Mexico City (others as you see fit).

Hotel price estimates (per night in local currency):

Estimated cost for the venue (total in local currency; rentals for conference rooms, audio/video, etc):

Catering costs (lunch, coffee breaks):

Suggestions for social activities and estimated costs (types, e.g., open bar in poster sessions, opening reception, etc)

Attractions of the host location for IBS members:

Factors that could reduce the total cost of the meeting:

Potential for funding from local institutions:

Potential for enhancing IBS membership:

Potential field trips and other activities:

Deadline: December 15, 2017

Submission and questions: Please send host proposals by email to Pedro Peres-Neto, IBS VP for Conferences.  Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the details in the proposal.  Examples of past conferences can be found on our meetings page.

Meetings are a central activity within International Biogeography Society and the IBS board thanks you in advance for your interest in serving as hosts.