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Research Articles

Expansion of an introduced sea anemone population, and its associations with native species in a tropical marine lake (Jellyfish Lake, Palau)

Patris, Sharon; Martin, Laura E.; Bell, Lori J.; Dawson, Michael N

Quantifying amphibian range fragmentation in the southeastern United States

Newman, Catherine E.; Austin, Christopher C.

Testing effects of Pleistocene climate change on the altitudinal and horizontal distributions of frogs from the Colombian Andes: a species distribution modeling approach

Paz, Andrea; González, Angélica; Crawford, Andrew J.

Does vegetation structure influence criminal activity? Insights from Cape Town, South Africa

Potgieter, Luke J.; Gaertner, Mirijam; O’Farrell, Patrick J.; Richardson, David M.

A framework for disentangling ecological mechanisms underlying the island species–area relationship

Chase, Jonathan M.; Gooriah, LeanaMay, Felix; Ryberg, Wade A.; Schuler, Matthew S.; Craven, Dylan; Knight, Tiffany M.

Opinions, Perspectives & Reviews

Impacts of climate change on marine species invasions in northern hemisphere high-latitude ecosystems

Mahanes, Samuel A.; Sorte, Cascade J. B.



More on the future of publishing in biogeography

Peterson, A. Townsend; Glor, Richard E.; Soberón, Jorge


Book Reviews

Good (and not so good) reasons to conserve biodiversity

Ladle, Richard J.

From satellite data to operational conservation tools

Schulte to Bühne, Henrike

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