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The Journal of Biogeography remains the leading international journal of biogeography, focusing primarily on historical biogeography and ecology. It is world famous for its controversial guest editorials, themed sections, major research papers on both animal and plant biogeography, and Special Issues, such as BIOME 6000.

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Global Ecology & Biogeography

Global Ecology and Biogeography (GEB) has evolved into a journal of macroecology, broad in scope, but focusing on the study of large spatial and broad taxonomic-scale patterns in the ecological properties of species assemblages, along with global environmental change and island biogeography. The journal features provocative personal perspectives; short research letters; full-length research articles; and research reviews.

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Diversity & Distributions

Diversity and Distributions publishes reviews and primary research papers on a very wide range of subjects relating to biodiversity. The journal accepts papers dealing with all taxa, ranging from bacteria to plants and animals, and all types of ecosystems, including experimental systems. Purely descriptive papers are generally not acceptable. Every level of ecological understanding is covered, from molecular-level, through single-species studies, to ecosystem-, biome- and global-level perspectives. Diversity and distributions takes the lead in the increasingly important field of invasion biology, a new domain at the interface of ecology and biogeography.

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Ecography publishes papers focused on broad spatial and temporal patterns, particularly studies of population and community ecology, macroecology, biogeography, and ecological conservation. Studies in ecological genetics and historical ecology are welcomed in the context of explaining contemporary ecological patterns. Manuscripts are expected to address general principles in ecology, though they may do so using a specific model system if this frames the problem relative to a generalised ecological issue. Papers generally are expected to be based on concise hypotheses or to relate to concise theoretical concepts based on sound natural history. Purely descriptive papers are considered only if breaking new ground and/or describing patterns seldom explored. Manuscripts merely confirming or marginally extending results of previous work are discouraged. Papers are judged by virtue of their originality, appeal to general interest, and their contribution to new developments in ecological research concerning spatial and temporal patterns. There is no bias with regard to taxon, biome, or biogeographical area.

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Ecologists from all countries are invited to publish original results in Oikos. Theoretical as well as empirical work is welcome; however theoretical papers should more than elaborate on previously published analyses, and empirical papers should test explicit hypotheses and/or theoretical predictions. Oikos is no archive. There is no bias as regards taxon, biome or geographical area.

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Jnl Avian Biology

Journal of Avian Biology publishes empirical and theoretical research in all areas of ornithology, with an emphasis on ecology, behaviour and evolutionary biology.

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