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The 8th Biennial IBS Conference will be held in Tucson, Arizona, USA, January 9th through 13th, 2017

Check out the IBS 2017 Tucson meeting website at IBS Tucson 2017

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Crete 2011, Biennial Conference (meeting pages here):
Crete 2011 - group photo
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Oxford 2011, Early Career Conference (meeting pages here):
Oxford 2011 group photo
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The IBS also has supported the following events.

2011, sponsor - "Workshop on the Biogeography and Phylogeography of Atlantic Fishes" Lisbon, Portugal, 26-27th November. Proceedings published in Frontiers of Biogeography v.5.1. read here ...

2010, co-organizer - joint UNESCO/IBS symposium on "Conservation Biogeography: integrating biogeography and conservation science in a changing world" at the UNESCO International Year of Biodiversity Science Policy Conference, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France, 26th January.

2006, sponsor - "Palaeogeography and Palaeobiogeography: Biodiversity in Space and Time" at the National Institute for Environmental eScience (NIEeS), Cambridge, UK, 12-13th April.