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Registration will begin at 4:00 pm on Friday, 7 January.  Go to the registration desk to learn about departure times and location for any field trips or last minute changes to the conference schedule.  The registration desk will provide one receipt for each presentation made for those who need documentation of their participation for reimbursement, etc.

Please wear your name badge at all times during the conference.  Meals, coffee, and other refreshments will be provided only to those wearing a badge.

If you are presenting a Poster: locate your number on the abstract booklet to identify the location of the panel and time when you are to hang your poster.  Please remove your poster promptly after your allotted time.

If you are giving an Oral Presentation: Provide a copy of your MS Powerpoint presentation to the daily session organizers at or before 7:30 AM for the morning session or 1:30 PM for the afternoon session.

Students who have received a travel award are expected to be present for a discussion session at the end of each day's presentations.  This discussion session is to help introduce you to others and to provide you an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas.  The end-of-day gathering will be broken into small groups, each group facilitated by an established biogeographer.

Agenda for board meetings:
#1 Pre-conference
#2 Post-conference